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March 29, 2009

Milestones In The Life of Herbert W. Armstrong

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143I include this post because I use and believe the writings of Herbert W. Armstrong, as based on the Bible. He was a man strongly used by God, as was shown by the fruits in his life.

Herbert W. Armstrong (July 31, 1892 – January 16, 1986) was the founder of the Radio Church of God / Worldwide Church of God; Chancellor of Ambassador Colleges and Ambassador University; Publisher of The Plain Truth magazine in several languages; Presenter of The World Tomorrow radio and television programs and director of several programs in other languages.

He was also President of the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation; self- styled as Ambassador for World Peace and Patron of the Ambassador Auditorium concert series


July 31, 1892 — Herbert W. Armstrong is born in Des Moines, Iowa, the eldest son of Horace and Eva Armstrong.

Summer, 1908 — An employer’s encouragement stimulates ambition and the will to succeed in 16-year-old Herbert W. Armstrong.

July 31,1917 — Mr. Armstrong and Loma Dillon are married in Chicago, Ill.

August, 1917 — In a dream during their first week of marriage, Loma Armstrong sees an angel descend from heaven, put his arms around the Armstrongs and announce that Jesus Christ will return in this generation, saying that Christ has work for them to do.

Fall, 1920 — A flash depression wipes out Mr. Armstrong’s advertising business.

Fall, 1926 — Mr. Armstrong is challenged into a diligent study of the Bible.

May or June, 1927 — Mr. Armstrong is baptized.

August, 1927 — Mrs. Armstrong recovers from a combination of quinsy, blood poisoning, a dog bite and several other ailments, proving God’s promise to heal is sure.

Summer, 1928 — Mr. Armstrong gives his first sermon, in a vacant country store building south of Salem, Ore.

June, 1931 — Mr. Armstrong is ordained to the ministry of Jesus Christ.

July, 1933 — Mr. Armstrong gives a series of lectures in Eugene, Ore., that leads to the formation of God’s worldwide Work. (more…)

Edgar Cayce: False Prophet Of God

Some people believe that Edgar Cayce, often called “the sleeping prophet,” was a servant of God. Today his influence is stronger than ever as he helped pave the way for the popularity of “channeling.” However the doctrine of reincarnation which he espoused is contrary to the teachings of the Bible.

Cayce’s biographers generally attribute his healing powers to an ability to tap into what they called the “Universal Mind” or “Universal Consciousness.” After 22 years of readings almost exclusively devoted to medical or health issues, Cayce did his first “life reading” in 1923. These readings supported all sorts of occultic beliefs, yet still, Cayce reasoned (falsely) reincarnation was compatible with the Bible. Like most cultists and occultists, Cayce came to believe that Jesus was not the unique Son of God (

Though Cayce seemed to have some unique abilities, there is an explanation for the ability some have of viewing or remembering the past and looking into the future. This has to do with communication with evil spirits. Those spirits have been around throughout human history and are able to pass on the details of past events. They also have some knowledge of the future — though they often lie or are mistaken about many things.

Satan gave Cayce enough rope to hang himself. Even Cayce seemed to sense this, when he said in his own words: “The power was given to me without explanation. I’ve tried to discover what to do with it. It’s been hit and miss, trial and error….it was just an odd trait that was useful in medicine…. That’s what I always thought, and against this I put the idea that the Devil might be tempting me to do his work by operating through me when I was conceited enough to think God had given me special power” (Sugrue, 210)

The organization Cayce founded, the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), has become a hotbed for practically every occultic idea imaginable. It offers a theology that is basically a revised version of ancient pagan mystery religions, with a hint of Christian flavoring for palatability.

In any event, God’s command is clear that we are not to be involved in any way with such spirits or those who consult them. The following verses will show you how strongly God warns against any contact with them: Leviticus 19:31, Deuteronomy 18:10-11, Isaiah 8:19-20.

I advise people not to read his works because they are highly deceptive and spiritually harmful to many curiosity-seekers.

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