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March 29, 2009

Milestones In The Life of Herbert W. Armstrong

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143I include this post because I use and believe the writings of Herbert W. Armstrong, as based on the Bible. He was a man strongly used by God, as was shown by the fruits in his life.

Herbert W. Armstrong (July 31, 1892 – January 16, 1986) was the founder of the Radio Church of God / Worldwide Church of God; Chancellor of Ambassador Colleges and Ambassador University; Publisher of The Plain Truth magazine in several languages; Presenter of The World Tomorrow radio and television programs and director of several programs in other languages.

He was also President of the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation; self- styled as Ambassador for World Peace and Patron of the Ambassador Auditorium concert series


July 31, 1892 — Herbert W. Armstrong is born in Des Moines, Iowa, the eldest son of Horace and Eva Armstrong.

Summer, 1908 — An employer’s encouragement stimulates ambition and the will to succeed in 16-year-old Herbert W. Armstrong.

July 31,1917 — Mr. Armstrong and Loma Dillon are married in Chicago, Ill.

August, 1917 — In a dream during their first week of marriage, Loma Armstrong sees an angel descend from heaven, put his arms around the Armstrongs and announce that Jesus Christ will return in this generation, saying that Christ has work for them to do.

Fall, 1920 — A flash depression wipes out Mr. Armstrong’s advertising business.

Fall, 1926 — Mr. Armstrong is challenged into a diligent study of the Bible.

May or June, 1927 — Mr. Armstrong is baptized.

August, 1927 — Mrs. Armstrong recovers from a combination of quinsy, blood poisoning, a dog bite and several other ailments, proving God’s promise to heal is sure.

Summer, 1928 — Mr. Armstrong gives his first sermon, in a vacant country store building south of Salem, Ore.

June, 1931 — Mr. Armstrong is ordained to the ministry of Jesus Christ.

July, 1933 — Mr. Armstrong gives a series of lectures in Eugene, Ore., that leads to the formation of God’s worldwide Work.

Oct. 1, 1933 — The Bulletin reports that “with the Fisher and Ellis families, more than 20 signified their desire to establish a new Sabbath-keeping Church of God in this district [Eugene, Ore.]

Oct. 9, 1933 — Mr. Armstrong preaches on KORE, a 100-watt radio station in Eugene.

Jan. 7, 1934 — The World Tomorrow radio program goes on the air.

February, 1934 — The Plain Truth begins publication.

February, 1939 — The Good News is published as a mimeographed bulletin.

Oct. 8, 1947 — Ambassador College in Pasadena begins with eight faculty members and four students.

January, 1953 — The World Tomorrow program, broadcast from Radio Luxembourg, reaches Europe.

Oct. 25, 1953 — The World Tomorrow goes on the transcontinental ABC network in the United States.

Sept. 17, 1954 — As a result of Mr. Armstrong’s evangelistic campaigns in Britain, the first British member of the Church in this era is baptized.

July, 1955 — The World Tomorrow appears on television.

April 14, 1956 — Eight radio stations begin broadcasting The World Tomorrow in Australia once a week.

June, 1956 —The first regular church service is held in London, England, with 16 people in attendance.

Jan. 30, 1960 — The first regular church service is held in Sydney, Australia, with 30 people in attendance.

Oct. 16, 1960 — Ambassador College opens its Bricket Wood, England, campus.

August, 1961 — The Plain Truth appears in German.

June 18,1962 — The first regular Church service is held in Canada.

June, 1963 — The Plain Truth appears in French.

Sept. 8, 1964 — Ambassador College in Big Sandy opens.

February, 1965 — The first Plain Truth with a full-color cover is published.

April 15, 1967 — Mrs. Armstrong dies, three months before she and Mr. Armstrong would have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

June 7, 1967 — The World Tomorrow is first aired from Jerusalem.

1968 — Mr. Armstrong meets Belgium’s King Leopold III, who is instrumental in arranging many of Mr. Armstrong’s meetings with heads of state.

February, 1968 — The Plain Truth appears in Spanish.

September, 1968 — The Plain Truth appears in Dutch.

October, 1971 — Invited by Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu, Mr. Armstrong travels for the first time to a communist country.

Jan.14, 1972 — Mr. Armstrong breaks ground to begin construction of the Ambassador Auditorium.

March 15, 1972 — Mr. Armstrong meets with 10 of the most powerful men in Japan’s government, including a 40-minute meeting with Prime Minister Eisaku Sato.

September, 1972 — Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos declares martial law. Though other media are closed down, The Plain Truth and the World Tomorrow program are favorably known and are allowed to continue in all phases.

June 19, 1973 — Mr. Armstrong meets with Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie.

May 6, 1974 — Mr. Armstrong officiates at the dedication of the Ambassador Auditorium.

May 17 to 19, 1974 — Mr. Armstrong conducts a campaign in Manila. Philippines, with 24,000 in attendance. It is his first overseas personal appearance campaign.

June 23, 1974 — Mr. Armstrong meets Jordan’s King Hussein.

Jan. 21, 1975 — Mr. Armstrong addresses 400 guests in Bombay representing the government of India.

March 18, 1975 — Mr. Armstrong starts the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation to conduct cultural, humanitarian, charitable and educational activities of the Church.

April 27, 1975 — Mr. Armstrong speaks to 4,000 delegates attending a Lion’s Club convention in Bombay, India.

Nov. 21 – 22 , 1975 — In Kingston, Jamaica, Mr. Armstrong lectures on the incredible human potential.

February 17,1976 — Mr. Armstrong meets with Sir Milo B. Butler, Governor General of the Bahamas.

May 29, 1976 — Mr. Armstrong speaks for the first time to the brethren in South Africa at a combined Sabbath meeting for all races.

August, 1977 — After a grueling overseas trip and an extended period of writing, Mr. Armstrong suffers congestive heart failure at his home in Tucson, Ariz. God intervenes to bring Mr. Armstrong back from death.

May 18, 1978 — Mr. Armstrong announces his decision to return to regular broadcasting on The World Tomorrow.

Jan. 3, 1979 — Representatives of the attorney general of California attempt to take control of the Worldwide Church of God.

January 22 to 24, 1979 — Nearly 5,000 Southern California Church brethren pack the Hall of Administration and college grounds to prevent a court-appointed receiver from entering Church facilities.

December, 1979 — Mr. Armstrong becomes the first church leader from the world of Christianity to officially visit and speak with top leaders inside the People’s Republic of China.

Dec. 17, 1979 — Jerusalem Mayor Teddy Kollek arranges a special inauguration of Liberty Bell Park to honor Mr. Armstrong’s role in making the facility possible.

Sept. 25 to Oct. 2, 1980 — For the first time, brethren at all Feast of Tabernacles sites in North America and Britain view the same services, including messages from Mr. Armstrong, by microwave and satellite transmission. God moves Mr. Armstrong to start the Youth magazine for young people.

Oct. 14, 1980 — Attorney General George Deukmejian announces the dismissal of the State of California’s suit against the Church.

Nov. 15, 1980 — Mr. Armstrong appoints a special Sabbath of thanksgiving worldwide in celebration of the State of California’s dismissal of its suit against the Church.

January, 1982 — The Good News appears in French, German, Spanish and Dutch.

Jan. 1, 1982 — The World Tomorrow television program appears with French subtitles.

July, 1982 — Mr. Armstrong meets Britain’s Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Prince Charles. The Plain Truth appears in Italian.

Oct. 14, 1982 — In his Hall of Administration office, Mr. Armstrong has a “warm and friendly meeting” with the 18th Supreme Patriarch of the Buddhist religion of Thailand, Ariawongsagatayana.

November, 1982 — Mr. Armstrong visits Kenya to meet President Daniel Arap Moi and conduct a Plain Truth lecture.

Nov. 19, 1982 — Mr. Armstrong meets Spain’s King Juan Carlos I.

July 10 to 13, 1983 — Otto von Habsburg, a member of the European Parliament and a proponent of European unification, visits the Pasadena Ambassador College campus.

Aug. 17, 1983 — The Church receives its 50 millionth letter.

September, 1983 — During the Feast of Tabernacles, Mr. Armstrong visits the Feast site in Eugene, Ore., where the Philadelphia era of the Church was raised up, to mark the 50th anniversary of the Philadelphia era.

November, 1983 — Mr. Armstrong visits southern Asia and the Far East, meeting officials and conducting business in China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Japan.

Jan. 1, 1984 — The World Tomorrow television program appears with Italian subtitles.

February, 1984 — The Plain Truth appears in Norwegian.

Nov. 6, 1984 — Mr. Armstrong meets Deng Xiaoping, top leader of the People’s Republic of China.

Feb. 13, 1985 – The Pasadena Chamber of Commerce gives Mr. Armstrong its Civic Achievement Award. Chamber President Cy Graph remarks, “In his own quiet way Mr. Armstrong has done more to promote positive relations between countries than has the State Department.”

March 19 to 26, 1985 — Queen Sirikit of Thailand visits Ambassador College in Pasadena.

May, 1985 — Mr. Armstrong makes a 24-day trip to England, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, West Germany, France, Syria, Jordan and Israel.

May 29, 1985 — Mr. Armstrong videotapes a segment with the Young Ambassadors for the 1986 Festival film.

June 23 to July 5, 1985 — Mr. Armstrong participates in the 40th anniversary of the signing of the United Nations charter in San Francisco, Calif.; he attended the original conference. He takes part in the 20th anniversary celebration of the Des Moines, Iowa, congregation.

July 29, 1985 — Mr. Armstrong’s last book, Mystery of the Ages, goes to press. Mr. Armstrong began writing it in January, 1985, and worked hundreds of hours on it, calling it “one of the most important books of our day.” The volume, nearly 400 pages long, was originally intended as a textbook for the second-year Bible class at Ambassador College. Some 96,721 readers request the book in just 10 days after Mr. Armstrong offers it to 480,000 Good News subscribers. One reader states: “It seems to capsulate the purpose being worked out here below in the most meaningful and profound way. It is the most amazing book I have ever read.” By the end of December, 1985, 740,000 copies of Mystery of the Ages are requested, the largest response in such a short period for any of Mr. Armstrong’s books.

August, 1985 — Mr. Armstrong tapes his final two World Tomorrow broadcasts. He becomes ill.

Aug. 4, 1985 — The World Tomorrow television program appears with Norwegian subtitles.

Aug. 19, 1985 — Mr. Armstrong tapes a message for the 1985 Feast of Tabernacles.

Sept. 30, 1985 — Mr. Armstrong suffers a setback in his illness and is unable to speak live to Feast of Tabernacles audiences. He directs that videotapes of his 1984 first Holy Day and Last Great Day messages be transmitted instead.

Nov. 18, 1985 — Mr. Armstrong addresses a regional directors conference in Pasadena by a telephone hookup from his home, reporting that in spite of his illness, “I’m keeping in daily touch with the work constantly and doing what I can.”

December, 1985 — Five all-time response records to the Church’s message are set: highest weekend telephone response (26,020); average calls per week for a single year (14,100); one million calls received in a year; six million letters received in a year; more than 150,000 pieces of mail received in a single weekend (Dec. 7-8).

Jan.10,1986 — Mr. Armstrong appoints Joseph W. Tkach, director of Church Administration, to the office of deputy pastor general, to succeed him as pastor general should God choose to take his life:

Jan. 16, 1986 — Mr. Armstrong, at 93, dies at 5:59 a.m. at his home in Pasadena, while resting in the favorite chair of his late wife, Loma.

Jan. 18, 1986 — Mr. Tkach announces his decision to rename Mr. Armstrong’s Pasadena home, formerly called the Campus Social Center, as the Herbert W. Armstrong Memorial Hall.

Jan.19,1986 — Mr. Armstrong is buried in Mountain View Cemetery in Altadena, Calif., next to his wife, Loma, his son Richard and his mother, Eva.

Jan. 26, 1986 — A memorial tribute to Mr. Armstrong, broadcast on the World Tomorrow program, draws more than 100,000 responses when Mr. Armstrong’s book Mystery of the Ages is offered.

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