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April 2, 2009

Progressive Fascism: The New American Way?

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Although this is a blog about religion, we have to face the fact that politics play a huge part in the subject. God talks about the governments of man, intervenes in their ways and tells us that ultimately, He will overthrow all of man’s governments and will rule all by His government of love.

So I found a great little blog post at Ceo4aday that talks about the modern fascist frame of mind in light of the fall of wall street, government intervention (restructuring) of huge American private companies, and limited choices to consumers. While I don’t necessarily agree with all points of the article, today we are indeed witnessing a lot of  “theatrical presentations as the state reaches deep into the lives of its citizens molding their values, limiting their choices and transforming their society for the good of the state.”

The author speaks about an America that is in peril, subject to a leftist liberal (read fascist) state which will enforce their promised clean air at the expense of a lower standard of life.

The American voter has received what he asked for, but the end result may be a big shock. Instead of looking to God in time of need, tens of millions childishly voted for what they thought was their physical Messiah. But they will be gravely disappointed as the slick message of hope and change — big talk, glowing write-ups and high expectations — leads to unexpected and unpleasant results. Hang on, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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