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July 8, 2009

Is This The Only Day Of Salvation?

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The common belief in this world is that God is desperately trying to save this world now. That He is struggling with Satan to save all mankind, while the devil is feverishly trying to keep as many as he can “lost forever.”

So what about you? Do you believe this doctrine? If so, who do you think is winning?

If God and Satan are in a titanic battle for human lives and if God is as all-powerful as the Bible reveals, then why is two-thirds of the world non-Christian today? And why have billions already died without ever having had a chance to be saved?

False assumptions!

Many sermons have been preached based on the premise that there is no middle ground. Either you are this minute saved, or you’re a lost soul. Many people have grieved over dead loved ones who had never “professed Christ.” Perhaps over one who was a terrible sinner, or one who lived a “good”life, but never became an active church member. Still, others grieve because they are not sure whether some loved one died “saved.”

The teaching that a person is either saved or lost comes from the assumption that God is trying to save the world – that the mission of the Church is to save mankind now – that this is the “only day of salvation.”

Why most have not understood

The vast majority of people have never ehard the true gospel – the good news of the coming Kingdom of God. And of all those who have heard it, most have not understood that message because Satan has deceived them (Rev. 12:9). Therefore they never had a chance to understand and to be saved.

Are they all, through no fault of their own, “lost forever?” Shocking as it may sound, God does not intend for everyone to understand His truth at this time! If He did, they would understand.

Many think that Jesus spoke in parables to make His meaning clearer. That was not the reason. He spoke in parables to hide His real meaning so most of His heareres would NOT understand.

After Jesus had spoken the parable of the sower, His disciples asked Him why He spoke in parables (Matt. 13:10, Mark 4:10). Notice Christ’s response: “That seeing they may see, and not perceive; and hearing that they may hear, and NOT understand…(Mark 4:11-12).

God has allowed the vast majority of humanity to be blind to His truth. He has allowed Satan to deceive the whole world. It is God’s purpose and plan that, until Christ returns, , only those whom He purposely calls (John 6:44, 65), can become true Christians.

These members of God’s family will be kings, priests, teachers and administrators in His soon coming world ruling government. Only a comparatively few now are being called to fulfill these positions. They are receiving the training necessary in God’s true Church to prepare them to teach all mankind when God’s Kingdom is set up.

Everyone to be called

God reveals in the Bible that those He has not yet called have not lost their opportunity for salvation. Again, God is not in the process of saving everyone now.

After Christ returns and establishes the Kingdom of God on earth, He will then begin to teach the way of salvation to millions. They will receive their calling and opportunity to understand God’s truth and be born into His Family during the illennium.

But what about the multiple billions who have already died without ever hearing or understanding the way of salvation. After the Millennium, they will be resurrected to mortal life and given their opportunity to understand God’s truth, to be begotten by god’s Spirit, to grow in His character, and to become Spirit born members of His family.

God is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34). Everyone will ultimately be called and given the opportunity to receive salvation.

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