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August 16, 2009

The Myth Of The Geological Time Scale!

Scientists say evolution is a very slow process. Therefore the evolutionist, in order to prove his theory, creates different “eons, eras, periods, epochs and ages” to allow for what he considers sufficient time for evolution to occur. However, these vast theoretical units of time allowed for in the geological time scale do not represent a succession of life forms in successive eras. The show instead, the relative order in which life died died during two great worldwide destructions – both which are mentioned in the Bible.

So called geological eras

Is This Time Scale Really Proof? -

Is This Time Scale Really Proof? -

What geologists label the “Cenozoic Era” is in reality the age of man’s existence on the earth. It is characterized by the abundance of animals and plants essential for human survival. Livestock and other mammals, and fish and fowl, which provide meat for man, are found buried in this strata.

Fruits, vegetables and grains are entirely missing from the pre-Adamic or “pre-Cenozoic” world. All edible food that is essential for man suddenly appears in the era scientists have dubbed “Cenozoic.” Even the atmosphere, the climate, the seasons and the modern topography – including the present limits of the oceans – are characteristic only of the Cenozoic era.

Our world, the so called Cenozoic, was re-fashioned from the shambles left after Lucifer’s rebellion against God. Fossils found in so called Cenozoic rocks are generally due to the rapid burial of life forms at the time of Noah’s flood (Genesis Seven & Eight) or other events since man’s creation 6000 years ago.

These Cenozoic deposits are found above other earlier strata laid down in a terrifying catastrophe that befell the world before man existed. The deposits of that earlier world end with the first “time of great dying.””

Mesozoic and Paleozoic eras

Fossil remains from the pre-Adamic world are found buried in a relative order – with the rocks on the bottom generally containing sea life – because the sea life was first destroyed and buried. Then later, as the terrifying destruction of life enveloped the land, the dinosaurs and other  land life forms were covered by heavy sediments from raging water. These last deposits of the pre-Adamic world, the so called “Mesozoic Era,” are termed “Cretaceous.” Some Cretaceous strata have been mislabeled and, in reality, belong in the Cenozoic, or age of man.

The Mesozoic world – the time before man’s creation – was so characterized by dinosaurs and other reptiles that  that scientists have rightly called it the  “Age of Reptiles.” Giant reptiles – some weighing up to 40 tons – not only roamed the land, but flew in the air, while yet others excelled the fishes in the sea. Gigantic insects filled the air. Giant tree ferns, horsetails, club mosses, cycads and conifers covered the face of the earth, creating vast forests unlike any we know today.

In that world were no true mammals, no fish with true scales, no feathered fowl, no grass, no grains or fruits for man. Man was not then in existence.

The so-called “Paleozoic” rocks – layers containing sea life – therefore do NOT represent a separate time apart from the Mesozoic. Paleozoic rocks merely contain the buried remains of sea life that was first to be destroyed consequent to Lucifer’s rebellion. The characteristic fossils found in Paleozoic rocks are ammonites, trilobites, sea scorpions, sharks and other inedible fishes. Many were giant varieties.

This was an entire world unfit for human habitation and enjoyment. All life was suddenly buried. Most life forms were never re-created when God re-formed the earth and made this world habitable for man (Gen. 1:2-31).


  1. Hi Melchia I notice that you have deleted some of our discussions on your website as I was begginning to find them of interest. What I can’t understand about what I would call the “Armstrong Gap Theory” is :- Why if there were a sudden Lucifarian Flood that is supposed to have exterminated all the reptiles/and/or dinosaurs; then why do we still have some reptiles alive to this day including the Komodo Dragon which could justifiably be called a “Present Day ” Dinosaur Could’nt it.

    You might like to leave me your personal email address so we can carry on our discussions. There were then obviously still some maybe “Recreated” reptiles from Adam’s creation in 4004 BC. John

    Comment by John Hext-Fremlin — July 10, 2011 @ 3:42 pm | Reply

  2. John

    I deleted all comments because people (not you) were starting to get argumentative with me and sucking all of my spare time with their incessant negativity to religion. I decided to allow comments again and anyone who gives me grief will automatically be deleted.

    As for your question, it is not the “Armstrong Gap Theory,” but the Bible’s answer. It can be looked up quite easily if one diligently studies the scriptures, as I have conclusively proven. I think you get that name from some author who obviously disagrees. 🙂

    Anyways, the Komodo dragon is not a dinosaur. It is a modern day reptile created by God to inhabit the earth alongside mankind. They did not have to be re-created, but are a new species. As for e-mail, I really don’t have time to get into long debates John as I am extremely busy. Sorry!

    Comment by melchia — July 12, 2011 @ 9:28 pm | Reply

  3. That’s interesting that you should mention an author who labels it the “Gap Theory”. This Guy is a young earth creationist by the name of Western W Fields. His book is called “Unformed and Unfilled”. It seems to me that some people like Gaines Johnson bring Mr Armstrong into disrepute because of their theories on Neanderthal/Swanscombe Man being part of a so-called Pre-Adamic race. This idea is really not ledgitimate and thus unacceptable.

    Even HLH went the way of Gains Johnson and I cannot accept Gaine’s ideas on Neanderthal Man. This is amost unfortunate and I might say unscientific concept. I therefore think the question has to be asked:- Where do these diffrent ideas of the socalled gaptheory come from?

    Why for example did HLH change his view on Neanderthals? That is what I’ll never understand.

    Although I have “mixed feelings” I find yours and Mr Armstrong’s concepts more acceptable to me.

    I have as you have no doubt probably already seen my combined industries charts for Europe and Bible lands and is thus a post flood history based on yc concepts. However I could probably with your help Melchia draw up an “Alternative History” John

    Comment by Anonymous — July 30, 2011 @ 1:25 pm | Reply

    • Which author are we speaking about??

      Also, can you give an example of where HLH changed his views? Which article are you referring to?

      I know that later in his life he went astray from HWA’s views, especially on doctrine and I believe that both he and Mr. Meredith did not always agree with HWA. I also know that Mr. Armstrong did not have HLH’s doctoral thesis printed for the membership because there are things in it he did not agree with, though it is not universal throughout.

      Comment by melchia — July 30, 2011 @ 10:35 pm | Reply

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