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September 5, 2009

London Mayor Calls For Day Of Fasting – To Better Understand Muslims

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Mayor Boris Johnson is calling on Londoners to set aside a day for fasting, but certainly not for anything like national repentance or to petition God for help in dealing with the many problems Britain is facing. He’s calling on Brits to fast in order to better understand London’s Muslim community.

Johnson spoke at the East London Mosque and London Muslim Center to commemorate the start of Ramadan, where observant Muslims fast from dawn till dusk, every day for a month.

“I urge people, particularly during Ramadan, to find out more about Islam, increase your understanding and learning, even fast for a day with your Muslim neighbor and break your fast at the local mosque,” he said. “I would be very surprised if you didn’t find that you share more in common than you thought.”

Eventually, the Bible says, Britain will awaken to the “sickness” that is spreading from within (Hosea 5:13). When it does, however, it will be too late.


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