The Apple Of God's Eye

December 3, 2009

Staying Young In God!

When we think of Christians today, the image of youth automatically springs to mind. But there are many seniors in this category, and God is equally concerned about them. In fact, seniors have much to reflect on, as they have spent their youth working,  then were married and perhaps had children; while slowly sliding into the “aged” category.

Now being old is not a disease, as much of our youth obsessed society makes it out to be. Contrarily, seniors should represent wisdom, as they grow in maturity and become examples to the younger generation. With age also comes responsibility, as the Bible tells us. Titus 2:2-5 points out that “mature” (elder) Christians “should be sober, dignified, and temperate, sound in faith, love and fortitude.. The older women, similarly, should be reverent in their demeanour, not scandalmongers or being slave to excessive drinking. They must also uphold the high standard of teaching younger women to be loving wives and mothers, to be temperate, chaste, busy at home and kind, respecting the authority of their husbands. Then the gospel will not be brought into disrepute.”

To do all the above, the standards of the older Christian must be of the highest calibre in order to be examples and teachers. This is considered a blessing to share and cannot be given until it is learned. So rather than “retire” and spent time chasing pursuits to please the self, senior Christians can actually change “professions” and share more, volunteer and pray, study, meditate and fast. Just because your body gets older, does not mean your spiritual life has to slow down.

The senior Christian eyars may be spent sharing and helping others to grow. The maturity gained over many years of life should not be misspent idly, but rather, used to help younger Christians grow up faster in Christ. Use this time, and your new profession, to make the most of helping others, and ultimately, pleasing God.

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