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December 25, 2009

Bible Chapter Summations: Book Of Genesis

Editors Comment: This is the first of many summations I will post on the books of the Bible. I couldn’t find anything like it that was exhaustive on all the book of the Bible, and so decided to do a study outline myself. Although not all inclusive, these points will highlight the main chapter points for the reader. Look for more in the future….



There are 39 books in the Old Testament, generally separated into 4 divisions:

The Pentateuch, traditionally designated as the 5 books of Moses.

Historical Books, number 12, from Joshua to Esther.

Poetical Books, number 5, from Job to Song of Solomon.

Prophetical Books, including the writings of the 5 Major Prophets, from Isaiah to Daniel, and the 12 Minor Prophets from Hosea to Malachi.


The word “genesis” signifies “generation” or “origin” and comes from the Greek translation of Genesis 2:4. It is an appropriate title for the first book of the Bible, which contains the record of the origin of the universe, the human race, family life, nations, sin redemption, etc. The first 11 chapters, which deal with primeval or pre-Patriarchal times, present the antecedents of Hebrew history from Adam to Abraham. The remaining chapters (12 – 50) are concerned with God’s dealings with the Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and Jacob’s son Joseph, all “fathers” of the people whom God has chosen to carry out His plan for the redemption of mankind. The book closes with these “Chosen People” in Egypt.


Genesis 1 – Re-creation – God creates heaven and earth, plants, animals and man in six days

Genesis 2 – Sabbath creation, revelation of law; extra details of creation and the newly created earth

Genesis 3 – Satan deceives Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit; God curses the earth; Adam and Eve sent out of the garden of Eden

Genesis 4 – Cain kills Abel; God curses Cain; Cain’s descendants and family history

Genesis 5 – Chapter of generations from Adam to Noah

Genesis 6 – Life of man shortened to 120 years, God decides to destroy mankind because of sin, God commands Noah to build an ark

Genesis 7 – Noah, his family, animals enter Ark (7 of all clean, 2 of all unclean); flood covers earth;

all humans/land creatures outside ark destroyed

Genesis 8 – flood recedes, Noah, his family and animals exit the ark; Noah makes burnt offering to God

Genesis 9 – Reaffirmation of meat as food; anti-world flood covenant, God blesses Noah & family,

Noah gets drunk; Noah dies at 950 years old

Genesis 10 -Family history of Shem, Ham and Japheth, the sons of Noah

Genesis 11 – Entire earth of one speech, Tower of Babel built, God scatters & confounds people from Babel;

family history of Shem’s descendants to Abram

Genesis 12 – Promise of grace and race to Abram, moves to Canaan, Bethel & Egypt; Abram lies to Egyptians about Sarai

Genesis 13 – Abram and Lot separate to Bethel and Jordan; God reaffirms promises to Abram, now 80 years old – 5 years later

Genesis 14 – Lot taken captive in war between kings in vale of Siddim; slaughter of the kings by Abram; tithing to Melchizedek

Genesis 15 – Promise of an heir to Abram, now 85 years old – 10 years after Egypt

Genesis 16 – Sarai barren, Ishmael (wild man) born to Hagar (Sara’s handmaid) by Abram

Genesis 17 – Promises to Abram; name changed to Abraham (99 years old), Sarai’s name changed to Sarah,

circumcision introduced to Abraham’s household

Genesis 18 – Abraham entertains angels who say he will have a son, converses with God about Sodom’s destruction

Genesis 19 – Two angels met Lot in Sodom; Lot & family leave Sodom; destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah; Lot’s daughters give birth

Genesis 20 – Abraham lies to King Abimelech, says Sarah is his sister, intercessory prayer required

Genesis 21 – Isaac is born when Abraham is 100 years old, Ishmael mocks; Hagar & Ishmael sent away and grows up;

Abraham makes covenant with Abimelech

Genesis 22 – Isaac offered for sacrifice as test of faith; descendants of Nahor, Abraham’s brother– Abraham 130 years old

Genesis 23 – Sarah dies at age 123, Abraham purchases field of Ephron to use the cave as a burying place for Sarah

Genesis 24 – Rebekah, Isaac’s future wife, seen by the well in Abraham’s original home country, Isaac weds Rebekah at 40 years old

Genesis 25 – Abraham remarries; Abraham dies; Ishmael’s family history; Jacob and Esau born; Esau sells birthright to Jacob

Genesis 27 – Isaac grows old & requests meat from Esau; Jacob pretends to be Esau, tricks Isaac & obtains Esau’s blessing; Esau hates Jacob

Genesis 28 – Isaac sends Jacob to Laban in Haran; Esau marries again; Jacob’s pillar stone; tithed a tenth to God, blessings of God

Genesis 29 – Jacob meets Laban and works for him 14 years to marry Leah & Rachel; Laban tricks Jacob;

Leah bares Reuben, Simeon, Levi & Judah

Genesis 30 – Dan, Naphtali, Gad & Asher born to maids; Leah bares Issachar, Zebulun & Dinah; Rachel bares Joseph;

Jacob asks to be released by Laban

Genesis 31 – Jacob secretly leaves Laban for Canaan; Rachel steals Laban’s images; Laban chases Jacob; both make a peace covenant

Genesis 32 – Jacob wrestles all night with God; Jacob’s name changed to Israel

Genesis 33 – Jacob and Esau meet; Esau receives Jacob’s gift; Esau returns to Seir; Jacob journeys to Succoth,

then Shalem and erects altar

Genesis 34 -Shechem son of Hamor lies with Dinah; Hamor asks for Dinah; males in Shechem’s city circumcised, later killed by Simeon & Levi

Genesis 35 – Jacob renamed Israel, promise of national blessings, Deborah dies; Rachel bares Benjamin then dies, Isaac dies at 148 years old

Genesis 36 – Esau marries Adah, Aholibamah & Bashemath from Canaan, has children, descendants of Esau (Edom) named

Genesis 37 – Jacob dwells in Canaan, Joseph’s coat of many colours, Joseph has dreams, visits brothers in Dothan,

Joseph sold to Ishmaelites and into slavery

Genesis 38 – Judah sleeps with Shuah, bares Er, Onan & Shelah; Er marries Tamar; Er dies; Tamar acts as harlot,

lies with Judah and bares twins Pharez and Zarah

Genesis 39 – Joseph taken to Egypt, bought by Potiphar, made overseer of Egypt, Pharaoh’s wife tries to seduce Joseph,

cast into prison, made, prospered in jail

Genesis 40 – Dreams of Pharaoh’s butler and baker interpreted by Joseph, butler restored; baker killed

Genesis 41 – Interpretation of Pharaoh’s dream by Joseph, famine in Egypt, made ruler of Egypt, marries, has 2 children; 7 yrs famine

Genesis 42 – Joseph’s ten brothers go to Egypt to buy corn; Joseph accuses them of being spies & requests Benjamin to come to Egypt

Genesis 43 – Joseph’s brothers once again go to Egypt for food, meet Joseph

Genesis 44 – Joseph tricks his brothers again by accusing them of stealing his silver cup, requires Benjamin to stay in Egypt;

Judah offers to take Benjamin’s place

Genesis 45 – Joseph reveals his identity to his brothers, offers gifts & land of Goshen to his father & brothers; his brothers return to Canaan

Genesis 46 – Jacob and all his household journeys to Egypt to meet his son Joseph again, descendants of Israel listed; Joseph sees Israel

Genesis 47 – Jacob and sons given Goshen to dwell in, famine worsens but Joseph has solution; famine worsens;

Egyptians trade cattle, land for food

Genesis 48 – Blessing of Joseph’s children – Ephraim and Manasseh

Genesis 49 – Sceptre promise to Judah, blessing of the tribes of Israel, Jacob dies

Genesis 50 – Jacob buried in Canaan, Joseph dies in Egypt at 110 years and  is embalmed, Joseph, family & Egyptians bury Jacob in Canaan

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