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January 3, 2010

Bible Chapter Summations: Book Of Exodus

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The name means “going out” or departure”. While it refers to one of the most important events of the book, the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, other highly significant events are also found here, such as the oppression of the Chosen People in Egypt, the flight and call of Moses, and God’s covenant with the nation Israel at Sinai – an experience climaxed by His giving of the law (Ten Commandments) through Moses to the people. A code of secular laws is also included, and the latter part of the book contains an elaborate description of the sacred Ark of the Covenant and its ten (tabernacle), God’s place of dwelling among His people.

Bible Chapter Summations: Book Of Exodus

Exodus 1 – Tribe of Israel multiplies, new Pharaoh enslaves Israel

Exodus 2 – Pharaoh’s daughter finds child in river, raises Moses as own son, Moses kills Egyptian and flees to Midian

Exodus 3 – God speaks to Moses from burning bush, promises to deliver Israel from bondage (slavery)

Exodus 4 – God angry at Moses for unbelief, Aaron given as spokesman, Moses sent to Pharaoh to free the Israelites

Exodus 5 – Moses and Aaron confront Pharaoh, Pharaoh makes Israel work even harder (more…)

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