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January 30, 2010

How To Know If You Have God's Truth, When Others Are Wrong!

How can you know that you are any nearer to understanding God’s truth than others? Who is right among the hundreds of squabbling denominations; thousands of confused sects or millions of “loner” Christians. God says we can be absolutely sure to know we are biblically correct in what we practice, by “proving all things.”

  1. The very recognition of that fact is the beginning of right knowledge. That is the first step toward coming out of the fog of error and deception, starting toward truth. It is not a matter of who has the greater intellect. A man may have the highest IQ in the world, and in his intellectual vanity refuse to admit he could be wrong—reject all correction—and thus embrace error and deception.
  1. The second step  is to be willing to admit being deceived, or in error, and to reject it and accept truth—when proved—even though unpopular. Are you willing to act on it— obey the truth—no matter what the cost?”

This is why “all the great theologians—the noted preachers and heads of great religious denominations” are in error. There are few people of great intellect who don’t have the kind of vanity that shrinks from confessing he has been wrong. To find and live the truth of God requires a humbled mind. The greatest, ablest intellect in the world is still human—still fallible—still imperfect. Those who are deceived and steeped in error have simply not stopped to realize their own imperfections—their proneness to error. They assume, in their egotism, that whatever they believe is true. And they are unwilling to humble themselves and confess their wrongs.

Know the infallible authority

We can absolutely know there is a real basis for truth — an infallible authority. God exists and is the all-wise, all-knowing, all-perfect God of reality. He has also  communicated basic truth to mankind!

Can we know that the Bible gives proof of the existence of God? Yes we can! We don’t have to assume God’s existence—and then have faith — that is, have faith in this human assumption:

  1. The Bible commands, “prove all things.” That includes the existence of God!
  2. God says, “Prove me now, herewith.”
  3. The Bible says the scoffers “are without excuse,” because the proof of God’s reality is clearly seen, even in nature (facts of science, matter, reason).
  4. God Himself, in the Bible, offers the proof of fulfilled prophecies.
  5. God also offers, though few experience this proof, the proof of answered prayer.

A great mind and superior intellect alone is incapable of understanding this spiritual revelation from God. This is explained in the second chapter of I Corinthians. These truths of God are a mystery—a hidden secret—that none of the leaders, rulers or great men of the world know (I Corinthians 2:7-8).

Those without God’s Holy Spirit are limited to physical and material knowledge of this universe (the things known to man – I Cor. 2:11), by the spirit of man, which is in him. The great scholars, scientists, educators, as well as the common people, gather human (physical ) knowledge through what is called the spirit in man (Job 32:8), which is in man, and given by God. This human spirit, united with physical brain, forms the human mind, though it is wholly carnal. The addition of this human spirit turns animal brain into human mind, and is what separates mankind from the animals.

But God has revealed these spiritual truths to converted, Spirit-begotten Christians by His Spirit (I Cor. 2:10, also end of verse 11):

“Even so no one knows the things of God except the spirit of God.”

It is only by the receiving of God’s Holy Spirit, to unite with the human mind, that a man may comprehend spiritual knowledge. Only by the receiving and indwelling of the Holy Spirit are the real truths of the Bible comprehended by the human mind. The great mind of this world can’t comprehend biblical and spiritual truths without God’s Holy Spirit, any more than a dog, horse, ape or elephant can comprehend physical, scientific knowledge without the spirit that is in man—and is not in the dumb brutes! It is not a matter of degree of intellect.

So, in order to really perceive the deceptions that have blinded this world, once we have recognized our own fallibility and proneness to error—once we have become willing to admit it when proved wrong, and to accept truth— the next step is to receive God’s gift of His Holy Spirit. And the conditions to this are: 1) repentance, and 2) faith in Jesus Christ as personal Saviour.

Repentance is toward God. Sin is against God. We may harm or injure people—but we sin against God. Sin is the transgression of God’s law. Sin is rebellion against God and has cut us off from God.

To repent means to be so humbled, so broken up about the colossal crime of rebelling against the Holy God—so abhorrent of our own rebellious, deceitful, vain, selfish self —that in real contrition we turn to God for mercy and change of mind and attitude, now desiring to change our way—to be obedient to God’s law.

Very few know what repentance really is. Then, through faith in Jesus Christ as Savior, we may be reconciled to God, and His promise is that we shall then receive His Holy Spirit.

The self has to die! It means unconditional surrender to God and His revealed way! It won’t be easy because the self doesn’t want to give up in surrender. It means a completely changed life – a new start toward a new and different goal.

Churches unwilling to  bring about complete change

What church do you know that has ever publicly confessed that its teaching and practice has been wrong, and has corrected it, to conform to the Bible? What great, lauded and mighty churchman or religious leader has ever made such a public confession, turned from his non biblical ways and, despite persecution and ridicule, proclaimed the truth? These lauded, lofty “greats” of this world could become undeceived and have their eyes opened to God’s truth— if they would be humbled, repent and surrender unconditionally to Almighty God and His law!

We can know, if willing, whether we are right or wrong. It is not a matter of superior intellect, but of submission to God, who will then work with you to understand His revealed truths.

Don’t believe your pastor, your denominational doctrines or your religious conversions – believe your Bible and what God reveals, with a willing and contrite heart of repentance and faith of Christ. Then, and only then, will you have God’s truth.

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