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April 11, 2010

God The Father:Character Reflected in Light!

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Every good and perfect gift comes from the great God. Look at what He created. When you look at the material creation, you see a lot of shadows. For example, the planets cast shadows. But God is not that way. The book of James says with God there is “no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” He is brighter than the sun at high noon – 100 percent light. This is the total opposite of darkness and there isn’t a trace of evil in Him.

The expression “with whom” should read in whom is no varibleness, neither shadow of turning. “This is referring to our Father’s perfect character – God is 100 percent agape love. His goal is for us to become perfect as He is perfect (Matt. 5:48). God cannot sin. There isn’t even a speck of a shadow of evil in His nature. His love toward us is perfect and absolute – 100 percent light. He would never do anything to harm us spiritually. True Christians must know His character and totally trust Him – even in fiery trials.

Spiritual light should dazzle us millions of times more than the lights from the universe. God’s desires is for us to inherit all things and we have to cooperate with Him for that to happen. Nothing but good gifts come from the Father.

Massive Survey Of Cosmos Proves Dark Matter Defies Law Of Physics

This dark matter map was created by the Hubble Telescope by measuring light from distant stars thought to have been deflected by dark matter. The map of half the Universe reveals dark matter filaments, collapsing under the relentless pull of gravity and growing clumpier over time -

Most astronomers believe that the universe began in a Big Bang up to 15 billion years ago. The Big Bang model holds that the resulting universe should contain exactly the “critical density” of matter required to keep it geometrically “flat,” with just enough gravity to balance the outward momentum, slowing it down.  The result: a cosmos coasting indefinitely on the verge of collapse.

Here’s the bad news for this theory. New evidence from a massive survey of the cosmos (which included 446,000 galaxies) was recently carried out by an international team using the Hubble Space Telescope. It indicates that stars and galaxies are flying apart in all directions at an ever-increasing rate – thanks to an anti-gravity boost from some kind of unseen “dark matter” of an exotic nature, of which most of the universe exists. Normal matter is only a few per cent of the total, so most of the universe is dark, dark matter and dark energy, and scientists have absolutely no clue what its physical nature is.

The quoted University of B. C. astronomer Ludovic Van Waerbeke as suggesting that dark matter is counteracting the pull of gravity on a cosmic scale. If the new results hold up, scientists said, they could have enormous ramifications for theories of cosmic “evolution.”

In other words, scientists are surprised to find that the expansion of the universe is actually accelerating, and they have no way to explain this phenomenon because it is supposed to be impossible according to the law of physics. (more…)

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