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April 18, 2010

Show No Partiality!

God has set man on earth to prove their love with deeds. Sadly, this world is based on persons respecting persons, which is the curse of all mankind and causes endless problems.  People discriminate on the basis of wealth, privilege, sex, race, education, culture, talent, or any other number of things. The good looking discriminate against the ugly. Those who think they have class against others which supposedly have none. Some white people hate blacks or any other ethnic origin, while the opposite is also true.

The above mentioned failures are a direct result of not understanding the family plan of God. That is why this world has so many problems with physical family – strife, resentment, lack of teaching young people, divorce, etc. Understanding the family of God would clarify everything and lead to real happiness for mankind. But as long as organized religion teaches a watered down, lawless gospel, this cannot happen. And so we continue in a hate filled, divided and hopeless world that cannot solve its own problems.

God desires that all people be in His family eventually. That is why he sent Jesus Christ to die for them. How can we discriminate against each other if we understand this truth?  That could never be if people saw everyone’s potential as God does. All humanity has the potential to be a son of God someday.

Soon, when Christ returns, all people will treat everyone they meet with the highest respect, not shutting anyone out of the family of God. There will be no partiality, only honour.

“As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially them who are of the household of faith.”(Gal. 6:10). It all starts with the true Church of God setting the example for the rest of mankind.  They hold to the head, Jesus Christ, reaching out to all others in the world, as they have opportunity.

Are You A Doer Of God's Word?

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Modern Christianity is all about being hearers of God’s word, but they forget to do, as admonished in James 1:22, 25:

“But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves…”

We have to take the instruction of God and do them, or otherwise we deceive ourselves. James uses “word” and “law” interchangeably. God’s law is the foundation of His word. God here condemns the apostasy of hearing and not doing, allowing lies and deceit, family problems, marriage problems and child rearing problems.

Verses 23-25 tell us that to solve the problem, we have to look into “the perfect law of liberty, freeing ourselves from lies and deceit and anything illicit in our life.

The expression “looketh into” denotes stooping down, seriously examining God’s law. Vincent’s Word Studies says that it implies penetrating, examining or looking into the very essence of the law of God. And the word “mirror” is a metaphor for the law. If you look into that mirror and see some sin in your life, then forgetting about it, you are a forgetful hearer, forgetting it is a way of life. So the emphasis on these verses is being a “doer of the law, to be able to know the Father and the Son.”

Many say they are serious about their religion, but God says it is in vain (Jam. 1:26). They talk themselves out of keeping God’s law in ambiguous ways, searching the scriptures in vain to support their weak doctrines. Yet the Bible is all about keeping the law of God, from beginning to end. This is a provable fact.

Religions without law believe they are doing a work for God – grinding at the mill”so to speak. Yet if it is not done according to God’s expectations, it is for nothing. Merely attaching the name of Christ to disobedience is reasoning around God’s law with their own minds (Jer. 17:9), a dangerous thing to do.

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