The Apple Of God's Eye

June 3, 2010

Don't Take Your Marriage For Granted

Filed under: Marriage — melchia @ 7:22 am

God intended the happiest people on earth to be married people! He intended marriage to be the most absolutely wonderful, the most exciting, most mutually rewarding experience two people can possibly share together.

Today, most marriages begin with high hopes. The wedding day is the happiest day of the young couples’ lives. As they share the joys of this long-awaited time with relatives and friends, there is nothing to dim their soaring hopes and dreams. There is no thought of failure. They are sure their marriage will be the happiest and most successful yet.

Despite these high hopes, many marriages never measure up to expectations. The initial flush of happiness often fades with the passing of the years. Couples who once thought they were in love eventually come to realize they are no longer in love. Many people watch their marriages crumble and finally disintegrate before their eyes. (more…)

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