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February 12, 2011

Dinosaurs Before Adam: The Physical Proof Of Biblical Truth!

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What do the facts of science and the Bible reveal about dinosaurs – about the earth before Adam? Why is evolutionary geology unable to account for the sudden extinction of dinosaurs? Here are the answers!

Did you know that once literally millions of dinosaurs and other creatures suddenly perished from the face of the earth? Why? How did it happen? Why are the scientists puzzled by this catastrophic “time of great dying?”

Evolution has no answers

The Bible answers all these questions. It reveals whether the earth is older than man – just what kind of world God created in the beginning.

But evolution has no answer to the sudden disappearance of dinosaurs. No answers to the almost complete change of both plant and animal life forms at the end of what scientists have dubbed the “Mesozoic era.”

Why is the present world fitted for man’s existence, while the world of the dinosaurs was unfit for human survival?

Suppose you visit a museum

Take a brief walk through any natural history museum. It will reveal a vast array of charts and fossils depicting the theory of organic evolution. geology, you will be told, provides evidence of a succession of life forms in the strata of the earth.

But does the record of the rocks really show this? Do the facts of science substantiate these “scientific” theories?

Furthermore, it is claimed, the earth is billions of years old and the fossil record – the aged bones, tracks and other remains of extinct animals and plants – proves that life has been evolving over millions of years.

Why have scientists reburied the facts only to resurrect them in the image of their evolutionary theories? This article explains why!

Life, according to these scientists, began in what they call the ancient “Cryptozoic Eon.” The, as it supposedly slowly developed into many different types of life, these “developing”plants and animals were buried in the rocks and became fossils. But do we find a record of “developing fossils”- a record of “halfway developed” plants and animals in successive order? The answer is no!

Actually, the divisions of the geologic time scale, which you will see in any museum do NOT really represent great lapses in time. They depict rather thick sedimentary layers which were deposited quickly to preserve fossils.

But scientists say evolution is a very slow process. Therefore the evolutionist, in order to prove his theory, creates different  “eons, eras, periods, epochs and ages”to allow what he considers sufficient tie for evolution to occur. However, these vast theoretical units of time allowed for in the geological time scale do not represent a succession of life forms in successive eras. They show instead, the relative order in which life has died during two great worldwide destructions – both which are mentioned in the Bible.

What the facts show

The vast array of charts, graphs and long, detailed explanations of the scientists – based upon fossil remains – seem to disprove what most professing Christians have been taught about the Bible. And no wonder! For what most professing Christians have been taught about the Bible is wrong.

It is time to look at the facts of science and see what they really do prove!

You don’t need to fear the facts of science. God’s word is truth (John 1717). The Bible was not written as a science textbook, yet when ever it does speak on events which would affect the geological question, it stands true.

The time of the great dying

Notice this admission from the well known geology book, Historical Geology, by Carl O. Dunbar. Here is what he says about the sudden extinction of the dinosaurs.

“The end of the Cretaceous, like the close of the Paleozoic, proved to be a great crisis in the history of life…For example, the dinosaurs were highly varied and apparently adaptive right up to the end of Laramie Time, yet not one is known to have lived to see the dawn of the Cenozoic Era (the age of man)…The marine invertebrates did not escape the crisis.

It is difficult to account for the simultaneous extinction of great tribes of animals so diverse in relationships and in habitats of life…Whatever the cause, the latest Mesozoic was a time of trial when many of the hosts were ‘tried in the balance and found wanting’- wanting in adaptiveness to their new environment. Walther has picturesquely  called it “the time of the great dying'” (Historical Geology, pages 345, 348, emphasis mine throughout).

Naturally, this evolutionist has couched the “time of trial”and “great dying”in evolutionary language. But the fact remains that great tribes of animals SUDDENLY disappeared form the geological record in the Mesozoic rocks without any gradual extinction as the theory of evolution would require.

The dinosaurs are an outstanding example of this. Entire books have been written attempting to put forth reasons for the sudden extinction of the dinosaurs. Notice this amazing admission:

“At the present time, we can therefore only look upon the problem of extinction of the dinosaurs as a hard fact, as a closing of a most spectacular chapter in the history of life on the earth” (Dinosaurs, Colbert, page 259).

The hard fact and problem of extinction of the dinosaurs, as well as many other forms of life during the time Mesozoic rocks were deposited is indeed a problem for the theory of evolution. For the theory does not allow for any sudden appearance or disappearance of life forms. Yet, the facts of science show that this very thing has happened. The FACTS of historical geology do not agree with the theories of evolutionary geology.

Sudden appearance of new forms of life

Evolutionary scientists are not only faced with the facts of the sudden disappearance of many varied forms of life, but they also have to account for the sudden appearance of new forms of life. Notice this admission once again from the book Historical Geology:

“G. G. Simpson has said, that most dramatic and in many respects the most puzzling event in the history of life on earth,…is the change from the Mesozoic Age of Reptiles, to the…Age of Mammals. it is as if the curtain were rung down SUDDENLY on a stage where all the leading roles were taken by reptiles, especially dinosaurs, in great numbers and bewildering variety, and rose again IMMEDIATELY to reveal the same setting, but an entirely new cast, as cast in which the dinosaurs do not appear at all, other reptiles are mere supernumeraries and the leading parts are all played by mammals.” (page 426).

And on page 404 he states further:

“Throughout the long Mesozoic Era – for more than a hundred million years – reptiles completely dominated life on the earth; but at its close their dynasty suddenly collapsed. Turtles, lizards, snakes and crocodiles survived, but they are mostly small and restricted in their range, and few are aggressive.”

Yes, the curtain was rung down on the reptilian host – and suddenly. The reptiles alive today on the earth are no comparison to the vast and impressive numbers of these awesome creatures that once completely dominated the earth.

Chaos on earth too

Not only do we find that the facts of science show a sudden disappearance and appearance of certain life forms, but also the rocks reveal that the earth itself has had a radical change in its history. For example, the modern appearance of the surface of the earth would have been unknown in the Mesozoic era:

“Every feature of the modern landscape was shaped during the last short eras of geological time. The Alps and the Himalayas have come up from the sea floor; the Rocky Mountains have been worn down and then uplifted  to their present height; the Appalachian Ridges have been etched into relief; and the other mountain ranges of the world have been elevated and sculptured to the present forms since the beginning of the Cenozoic Era.

The streams also have attained the courses they now follow, and climatic zones have assumed their modern character…This era [Cenozoic] saw the modern world unfold!” (Historical Geology, page 352).

Here again, we must distinguish between the facts of science and the theories of evolutionary science. The facts show that the modern mountain ranges, climatic zones, animals and plants, are a feature of this geologic time since Adam – the Cenozoic Era.

Source: Dinosaurs Before Adam, Ambassador College, 1963.

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  1. Wow, wow, wow! Thank you for the great article. makes sense all the way.

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