The Apple Of God's Eye

August 1, 2011

Bible Criticism Is Intellectual Idolatry

Disbelieving in any God, men with minds swayed by evolutionary thought have attempted to discredit, and virtually destroy Bible testimony. Bible history has come under attack. Bible personages have been called fictitious. Bible events are regarded in circles of “higher critics” as legendary. Bible miracles came soon to be regarded as sheer superstition! Is the Bible mere tradition or ancient myth? What about Bible criticism? Is it honest, reliable? It is time you knew about the double standard used by the critics of God’s Word!

For more than one hundred years, the western world has abounded with highly educated men who have devoted their lives to tearing down and “demythologizing” the Bible. Since the time Darwin shocked the world with his evolutionary theory, Bible scholars and German rationalists have applied his theory to the Bible itself!

According to critics of the Bible, the books of the Bible gradually evolved into existence, and are the legendary writings of an ancient race of men — the Hebrews. Did God inspire the Bible? Of course not, they tell you. The original God of Israel, Himself, they claim, was merely an ancient tribal deity! He was merely the local mountain “god” of the Sinai region, adopted by wandering Hebrews as they passed through. (more…)

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