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February 1, 2011

Pope Benedict Guilty Of Hiding Sex Abuse Crimes

What does it take to have a priest excommunicated for sins? What do reasonable people need to conclude about the worldwide organization of the Catholic Church before refusing to send them any more money, or walking away? How horrible must be the transgression before people realize that the Pope of this church has absolute power and authority, and that he knows exactly what goes on. Few realize that the Catholic church has some of the best intelligence operations in the world. For the pope not to realize what is going on within his own church is simply not believable.

While then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was involved in a 1980 decision to transfer Hullermann to Munich for therapy, Ratzinger’s then-deputy took responsibility for a subsequent decision to let the priest return to pastoral duties. Hullermann was convicted of sexual abuse in 1986. However, the New York Times reported that Ratzinger was copied in on a memo stating Hullermann would be returned to pastoral work within days of beginning psychiatric treatment. (Source)

“In another case, documents show the Vatican office responsible for disciplining priests, while headed by Ratzinger, halted a church trial of a Milwaukee priest accused of molesting some 200 deaf boys from 1950-1975. Of the 3,000 cases the Vatican has received since 2001, only 20 percent have gone to a full canonical trial, the Vatican’s chief prosecutor Monsignor Charles Scicluna said. Disciplinary sanctions were imposed in 60 percent, such as priests being ordered to live a retired life of prayer and not celebrate Mass publicly; in only 10 percent were the accused priests defrocked.

The abuse crisis in the United States, which involved 4 percent of the American priesthood, showed a pattern of bishops covering for errant clerics, at times moving them from parish to parish. The latest documents point to Vatican complicity, although the Vatican denies there was any cover-up.” (Source)

The evidence looks more damning all the time. Now Catholic authorities are saying it is a time for “deep prayer and much reflection”. But this is nonsense, as they have had over 35 years to reflect on what they did, as in Ireland. The reason I say this is because we have not heard the word “repentance” from anyone is the Catholic church. Repentance is a change of life, a complete turn from a former way of life and going the way of God. Deep prayer and reflection is a passive phase that hangs on human “sorrow.” The Bible says:

“Now I am glad, not that you had sorrow, but that your sorrow was the cause of a change of Heart…For the sorrow which God gives is the cause of salvation through a change of heart…but the sorrow of the world is a cause of death.” (II Cor. 7:9-10)

In other words, the sorrow of the world (or the Catholic church) is NOT real. What if the grown men accused of these perverted acts were not priests, but rather janitors, security guards, or maintenance workers who happen to be working around or in a Catholic church. How would these kinds of sexual criminals be treated by the Church and by the local law enforcement agencies? They would of course be reported and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. They have nothing to do with the church and cannot therefore damage the entity.

It is hypocrisy in its fullest form to speak of matters of moral standards, yet the standards of the church authority structure are lower than those foisted on the average layperson. The Vatican has shown an inadequate’ response to abuse, and all their urges to ‘turn to Jesus’ are a hopeless strategy as Christ is NOT in that church.

Now as increasing attention focuses on Benedict, Pope Paul II is getting the blame as well. It is questioned how much John Paul II knew about sex abuse cases and whether he was too tolerant of pedophile priests. (Source) But this too poses an interesting dilemma as he is on the fast track for being canonized as a saint. This would prove a rather large stain on his sainthood.

There are some interesting reports to show the seriousness of homosexual priests around children. I am not saying that every homosexual man is a child molester. However, studies have shown that the vast majority of abuse cases in the Catholic Church deal with boys over the age of 15. A 2005 essay titled “Child Molestation by Homosexuals and Heterosexuals,” Brian Clowes, Ph.D., and David Sonnier wrote (excerpt; click here to read the full essay) states:

‘Dignity USA and other homosexual groups strenuously deny any connection whatever between a homosexual orientation and child sexual molestation. They repeatedly claim, as Dignity USA does, that ‘All credible evidence discounts any link between the molestation of children and homosexuality.’

‘Yet these groups never cite any of this ‘credible evidence,’ nor do they quote any studies to buttress their claims that there is no such connection.

‘In fact, a number of studies performed over a period spanning more than half a century — many of which were performed by homosexuals or their sympathizers — have shown that an extremely large percentage of sexually active homosexuals also participate in child sexual molestation.

‘This is not ‘homophobia’ or ‘hatred,’ this is simple scientific fact.

‘For example:

  • Homosexual Alfred Kinsey, the preeminent sexual researcher in the history of sexual research, found in 1948 that 37 percent of all male homosexuals admitted to having sex with children under 17 years old.
  • A very recent (2000) study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that ‘The best epidemiological evidence indicates that only 2-4% of men attracted to adults prefer men. In contrast, around 25-40% of men attracted to children prefer boys. Thus, the rate of homosexual attraction is 620 times higher among pedophiles.’
  • Another 2000 study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that ‘. . . all but 9 of the 48 homosexual men preferred the youngest two male age categories’ for sexual activity; These age categories were fifteen and twenty years old.
  • Yet another recent study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that ‘Pedophilia appears to have a greater than chance association with two other statistically infrequent phenomena. The first of these is homosexuality . . . Recent surveys estimate the prevalence of homosexuality, among men attracted to adults, in the neighborhood of 2%. In contrast, the prevalence of homosexuality among pedophiles may be as high as 30-40%.’
  • A 1989 study in the Journal of Sex Research noted that ‘. . . the proportion of sex offenders against male children among homosexual men is substantially larger than the proportion of sex offenders against female children among heterosexual men . . . the development of pedophilia is more closely linked with homosexuality than with heterosexuality.’
  • A 1988 study of 229 convicted child molesters published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that 86% of pedophiles described themselves as homosexual or bisexual.
  • In a 1984 Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy article, sex researchers found that ‘The proportional prevalence of [male] offenders against male children in this group of 457 offenders against children was 36 percent.’
  • Homosexual activists Karla Jay and I Allen Young revealed in their 1979 Gay Report that 73% of all homosexuals I have acted as ‘chicken hawks’ — that is, they have preyed on adolescent or younger boys.
  • In a 1992 study published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, sex researchers K. Freud and R. I. Watson found that homosexual males are three times more likely than straight men to engage in pedophilia, and that the average pedophile victimizes between 20 and 150 boys before being arrested.
  • A study by sex researchers Alan Bell and Martin Weinberg found that 25% of white homosexual men have had sex with boys sixteen years and younger.’


All of this is evidence easily attained. As the Pope now presiding over the church, and having vast authority and knowledge of scandals before becoming pope, Benedict is directly responsible for these crimes as he did not stop them. Benedict claims the blasphemous title of “Vicar” of Christ, yet falsely absolves himself of all responsibility. In the corporate world, we call such lies a severe lack of character. But I guess adding a religious (pagan) backing to your title does away with such a trait. Or does it?

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