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July 31, 2011

Location Of The Lost Tribes Of Israel

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The question is often asked: “If the British Commonwealth is Ephraim and the U.S.A. is Manesseh, where are the other tribes of Israel”?

Some contend that the half-tribe of Manasseh, which lived east of the Jordan, is Japan, and that Dan is Germany. All their attempted historical research neglects the Bible as the only guide to interpretation of historical evidence.

We already understand the undeniable identity of Ephraim and Manasseh. By a process of elimination, the other tribes appear quickly–knowing first of all that the Scandinavian peoples and those of Western Europe are Israel. In these nations we have all the required characteristics which we find in no other group. To prove which tribe each is today, we need to prove which country has the identifying signs of each tribe AND prove that no other country has such signs. (more…)

God’s Required Qualifications For Grace!

Some Christians believe we should still keep much if not all of the law. Some say that because Jesus fulfilled the law we are not bound at all to any of it. Like most polarizing issues, a right understanding is found in allowing God to guide our Bible study.

.There is a distinction between a birthright and grace we ought to understand. A birthright is normally passed on from father to eldest son. There are no conditions which the recipient is required to meet. The son does nothing to qualify for it. He receives it as his right for no other reason than he happened to be born his father’s son. He has a right to it without earning it or qualifying to be worthy of it. He could however, disqualify himself to keep, or even to receive it.

But the gift of immortality received by grace does have qualifying conditions. It is not your right, or mine, to receive the gift of eternal life. Think what conditions would result if it were. A rebellious, defiant, hostile, God-hating criminal or atheist could shake his fist at God and say:

“Look, God! I hate you. I defy you! I refuse to obey you! But I demand your gift of eternal life! It’s my right! I want to receive all the power of a son of God, so that I can use that power to oppose you! I want to make your family a house divided against itself. I will cause friction, hostility, hatred, unhappiness among all your children. I demand that power, as your gift, as my right, so that I may abuse that power – use it for evil!” (more…)

July 20, 2011

The Mistake Of Multiculturalism

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In today’s society, it is shocking how much emphasis is  placed on the cultures and religions of minorities living in our countries. Multiculturalism and political correctness have become the new faith and morality in our nations. In schools, most teachers are either in collusion or individually trying to accommodate each and every little minority culture. It’s gotten to the point that it’s not so much a matter of what the national identity and culture is, but whether or not we even still have one.

The way that we celebrate minority cultures is nothing less than that becoming apologetic about the majority mainstream culture. In that sense, we’ve come to neglect our own culture and we assume that it will always be there. But like anything not cherished, that’s never a given. When we bend over backwards to pay attention to minority cultures, it has a negative effect on white children, making them feel culturally insignificant.

Perhaps the greatest impact, however, is felt in the area of religion. Teachers instruct the children in up to six different religions’ holidays and only give equal, not greater weight, to Christianity. In fact, Christian families seem to be the least religious and their knowledge of Christianity is abysmal. In contrast, the Muslim and Hindu families have religion as the central plank of their entire lives.

Canada’s policy of multiculturalism puts greater emphasis on the “rights of newcomers” than “their obligations to Canada” (Edmonton Journal, March 1). This ideology encourages refugees and immigrants from terrorist-sponsoring nations to treat Canada “as a convenient and generous base from which to engage in or mount support for their favorite conflicts abroad.

Britain also has promoted a multicultural society that shuns the idea of imposing a single British identity on the nation. However, this policy of promoting ethnic and cultural diversity has actually segregated ethnic minorities. Britain is promoting multiculturalism to the point where it is abandoning British culture and not preventing crimes from being committed in immigrant communities for fear of offending someone.

In that sense, multiculturalism is the enemy of a clear sense of national identity and collective strength. Its main thrust is how to help new arrivals grab everything society has to offer—schools, medical treatment, the minimum wage, advice on human or welfare rights. The duties of a citizen are included as an after-thought to these ‘rights.

But citizenship is not about what the country owes to an individual, but what an individual owes to the country. So it isn’t about rights at all. It is principally about obligations—to fellow citizens, to the law and to the nation. Any benefits should derive from first meeting those obligations.

That statement may make some bleeding-heart liberal teachers faint, but it’s the truth nonetheless.

For the ultimate solution to the problems facing our nations, have a look at this free book titled,  The United States and Britain in Prophecy. It is found at The

July 10, 2011

Supreme Court ‘Justice’: Trample Parental Authority, Promote Filth

Editors Comment: The following article is from a website called The I visit it daily because it offers insights that you can’t get anywhere else. This article shows another example of the inability of humankind to rule themselves because they have rejected the moral authority of the Bible. Today, society feels free to pursue deviancy with reckless abandon, practicing sodomy, adultery, witchcraft, a number of censorable behavioral expressions and so on. Our society has become morally debased because it has rejected the simplicity of God’s laws as preserved for us in the Bible.


Supreme Court ‘Justice’: Trample Parental Authority, Promote Filth

Have you seen the video games children are playing now? You probably know there is some ruckus over violent gaming, but if you dare look into it, you will be horrified. A five-minute Internet search of “violent video games”—if you can make it that long—will leave you feeling sick and sad.

You will read of stalking, abduction, murder, torture, dismemberment, decapitation, impaling, ethnic cleansing and rape, all taking place in realistic worlds populated by hit men, drug lords, psychopaths, zombies, school shooters, war criminals and worse. You will find out that millions of children are immersing themselves in realistic games that not only allow but encourage them to become killers, sadists, mutilators and monsters—human and otherwise—striking with flamethrowers, scythes, meat grinders, syringes, chainsaws, cattle prods and human shields.

It’s bad enough just reading that list. You don’t want to sear your eyes by even glimpsing a screenshot of one of these blood-spattered games—let alone seeing moving pictures of one. (more…)

July 8, 2011

Do You Ignore God The Father?

What are the two most universal errors in the proclaiming of the “Gospel” by the various sects and denominations of traditional Christianity today?

1) They ignore God the Father

2) They proclaim a false gospel—in which God the Father is mostly ignored. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the good news that Jesus Christ, as God’s Messenger, brought. In other words, the message GOD THE FATHER sent to mankind by His Son and Messenger (Malachi 3:1) to mankind.

Jesus said plainly, “I speak that which I have seen with my Father . . . for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me” (John 8:38, 42). Again, Jesus said, “The words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, He doeth the works” (John 14:10).

In the first sermon Peter spoke to gentiles, he said, “The word [Gospel] which God sent. . . preaching peace by Jesus Christ. . .” (Acts 10:36).

What has been proclaimed? MAN’S “gospel” about the Person of the Messenger, but omitting His MESSAGE, which came from God the Father.

Now how else do they ignore God the Father?

They preach Christ—but Him only. (more…)

July 2, 2011

Deviance And Perversity is Normal

Editors Comment: This article is from the and contains valuable insight into the character of much of today’s anti-god society. It shows the complete lack of moral underpinning required for a stable society to survive and thrive, while also revealing the cause: a lack of God given understanding of law.


Back around 35 years ago when I was working for the Australian government in that nation’s capital, Canberra, an academic gave me a research paper purporting to prove that no human behavior can be judged as deviant.

The academic had been a campus child of the ’60s at a prestigious university and had since moved on to become a lecturer at Canberra University and an occasional consultant to the government. At the time, I did not realize that he was part of a deliberate strategy adopted by the socialist left in Western society to penetrate and take over all major institutions of government. We live the results of that takeover to this day.

The one thing I noticed during that six-year tenure in Canberra was the distinct difference between the outlook on life of my contemporaries, born in the war years of the late ’30s and early 1940s, and that of our juniors born in the following decade who hailed from the campus life of the tumultuous ’60s through to the early ’70s.

The most telling difference had to do with morality. Whereas most of my peers working for the government at the time were established family men and women exhibiting a reasonable dose of conservatism in their outlook and demeanor, the younger set were quite overt in expressing a multitude of views geared against the mores of traditional Anglo-Saxon society. (more…)

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