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November 24, 2010

Proving The Existence of God’s Law

Consider the all-encompassing magnitude of God’s law. It outlines, in broad detail, our right relationship with the true God to receive needed guidance, help and blessings; and also our right relationship towards human neighbours – including parents, children, husband or wife. This law provides for every human need for our own good in a living, active, continuous relationship with the all-wise, all-powerful, all-loving God.

When we mediate fully on the ten commandments, we can see that God provides the means for mankind to have pure religion, happy families, a right social life, and wealthy economies. Never did God intent that His law be oppressive or destructive. In fact, the law can be summed up in one powerful word – love.

Our loving God has given us a law only forbids those things that harm us. God will never force us to keep His law because He has made us free moral agents. God wants us to choose to follow Him and His ways. It is all for our good. Yet, many who call themselves Christians teach that Christ did away with the ten commandments under the New Testament. However, that does not square with Christ’s personal example.

He said, “I have kept my father’s commandments.” (John 15:10). Jesus Christ also taught the disciples to keep the ten commandments. In fact, Christ restored God’s law to its deserved place of honour by clarifying, illustrating and amplifying the 10 commandments – Matt.5:17.

Here are some very plain scriptures on the importance of God’s law:

  • If we love God, we must keep the commandments – John 14:15.
  • If we want to enter into eternal life, we must keep the commandments – Matt.19:17
  • He that says I know God and keeps not his commandments is a liar – I John 2:3-4

Further proof we need God’s law

Scripture tells us that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God – Rom. 3:23.

So what is sin? As defined by the Bible, sin is the transgression of God’s law – I John 3:4.  and the Bible says truth is not in us – I John 2:5,5:3.

So a basic truth here states that:

  1. Without law, sin is not counted – it does not exist – Rom. 5:13.
  2. That is an impossibility because the New testament says all have sinned, so the law MUST exist – Rom. 3:32
  3. So the law exists, and all have sinned, earning the wages of sin, which is death – Rom. 5:12, 6:23.
  4. To avoid death, we have to keep the law because only by the law comes the knowledge of sin – Jam. 1:22-25. f not for the law, we cannot even know what sin is – Rom.7:7.
  5. Christ also says that if we don’t keep the commandments,we are called liars (I John 2:4).

It is fairly easy to prove that the requirements of the law are in place today still.  The law does not save us, it only reveals our sin – defines it, so we can quit it – Rom.3:20

Many Christian denominations stumble at the law of righteousness, saying it is abolished. But that contradicts the very words of Christ, as shown. Allow the Bible, not men, to be your guide and you will flourish spiritually.

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